Wafrica  represents the marriage of cultural icons from Japan and Africa, the creation of Tokyo-based Cameroonian Serge Mouangue through merging the Japanese kimono and quintessential African cotton, colourful, patterned fabric. This seemingly effortless physical expression of Japanese and African culture attests to a far-reaching similarity into the characteristics of the people of two distant lands – ‘modern’ and in step with the global stage, whilst simultaneously harbouring ancestral customs, traditions and knowledge.

Mouangue does not accept the lazy, superficial interpretation of his work as ‘fusion’, but challenges the observer to see something more profound in creating kimonos with a fabric whose texture, bold colours and geometric patterns are foreign to its subdued traditional fabric, whose stiff, multiple layers do not accentuate the female form. A unique creation in its own right that embodies neither Japan nor Africa and at once both Japan and Africa, through the transformation of its iconic cultural symbols into a paradox that is a new singular yet plural expression…


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  1. Mai

    Wow,… Interestingly enough, its easy to see how this works. It’s an incredibly organic combination. Serge’s on point.

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