Ingrid Mwangi



Ingrid Mwangi is an artist of Kenyan origin, living in Germany since she was fifteen. In her videos, installations, performances, and photo works, Mwangi incessantly explores her blackness as well as her biracial heritage. Her works document the journey to herself, dealing with deeply rooted patterns of behavior and attitudes that lead to social, political, and cultural stigmatization. As a self-confident -person, the young media performer explores and presents her own corporeality determined by her body, her skin, her dreadlocks, and her voice. The unmediated experience of cultural differences has allowed Mwangi to develop a special sensitivity that generates an artistic prism through which she view herself and the world.

in the photographic series Static Drift, Ingrid Mwangi experiments with her own body, likening it to an open book upon which her own national and racial lineage is both written and read. Here the artist transposes the borderlines of Germany and Africa onto her stomach by way of a stencil and exposure to the sun. National titles and geographic borders are displaced from their habitual contexts, causing one to contemplate what nationalism, skin color, and ethnic identity mean when physically inscribed on a body—particularly a female body. Within the dichotomy of Mwangi’s personal biography (she was born in Nairobi and has lived in Germany for many years), the historical relationship between Germany and Africa, colonizer and colonized, oppressor and the oppressed, is also powerfully evoked…



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